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Apartment tenants live in a unique space. They don't live in a single-family home, a condominium or any other type of rental home. Therefore, the types and amounts of renters insurance that apartment tenants might need will vary. We're here to help any tenant get appropriate renters coverage.

BluCanopy offers full renters insurance for tenants of every shape and size. So, if you need to insure your apartment, come to us. Call us at at (877) 669-6877 or start an online quote now!

Do You Need Insurance For An Apartment?

Like any home, apartments are not immune to such hazards as fires, storm damage, theft, vandalism or accident risks. You need renters insurance because it can help you cover the costs of recovering from such losses. It's always a secure investment because your policy can go to work on your behalf from the moment you move into the apartment.

What Coverage Can My Policy Contain?

Many landlords require renters to carry various types of apartment coverage. All BluCanopy policies are customizable to the needs of the individual. Coverage can include:

  • Possessions Coverage: This coverage pays for your belongings when they get damaged in covered accidents — such as break-ins or fires.
  • Loss of Use Insurance: If a damaging event forces you to move out of the apartment, this coverage can help you pay for a hotel or dining bills until you can return home.
  • Rent Guarantee Coverage: This insurance can be your guarantor. By buying this coverage, you can ensure your landlord receives payments for your rent, even if you can't pay yourself.
  • Liability Protection: Mistakes or negligence on your part might harm another person. Liability coverage can pay for bodily injuries or property damage sustained by those who don't live with you. So, if someone falls in your kitchen, coverage can pay their medical bills and other costs.
  • Legal Assistance: If a liability lawsuit occurs, then coverage can help pay your court costs.

Ask your agent to include expanded coverage on your policy, such as high-value items riders, pet bite liability coverage, home business coverage and identity theft protection.

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