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Renters insurance can help you protect your belongings. But that's not all your policy can do.Find out more about what renters insurance covers in the video below. READ MORE >>

When you're shopping for a home to rent, there are several things to consider. The location, building, staff, neighbors and nearby amenities are all important factors. Moving is expensive, and sometimes renters want to bypass purchasing renters insurance to save a few dollars a month. READ MORE >>

Even if you don't own your home or apartment, you likely own many items within it.This video explains why it's important to protect yourself with renters insurance. READ MORE >>

When you sign a lease for an apartment or rental home, your landlord will typically require you to provide proof of renters insurance. This is proof that you carry renters insurance as required by the landlord. Landlords ask tenants present this proof in case a renter lies about carrying renters insurance or purchases it for a month before cancelling it. READ MORE >>

There's a lot to consider when it comes to finding a place to rent. The location, the building itself, the tenants, the amenities and staff are all important aspects to consider when apartment hunting. When you do find the perfect place, it's important to consider renters insurance. READ MORE >>

If you're currently in the process of renting a home or apartment, you will need a renters insurance policy for your belongings. The property insurance for a landlord will cover the losses for a building — whether it's a house, duplex, or apartment. Here are four main benefits of renters insurance. READ MORE >>

People who rent may not initially see much need for renters insurance. This is especially true for people who don't own many valuables and furnish their home with second-hand furniture. However, renters insurance may be more important than you think, especially when it comes to liability. READ MORE >>

Everyone loves their pets. And you've likely done a lot to make yours comfortable in your home. However, your dog or cat still has its wild instincts, and there are times when it might bite someone else. In these cases, can your property insurance help you out? Do renters insurance policies contain coverage for pet bites? READ MORE >>

Suppose that you spill a cup of coffee on your apartment's rug? Or, what if your pet claws at the carpet and creates a rough patch? Will your renters insurance cover it? Unfortunately, the answer is likely no. Most of the time, carpet damage is uninsurable under your policy. READ MORE >>

Electronics are expensive. These days, your TV might cost several hundred dollars. Once you add on equipment and enhancements, your costs might even reach four figures. If you are going to spend that much money, you expect your system to work. Still, there are plenty of risk factors in your own apartment that might damage your TV. READ MORE >>

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