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Not a one-size-fits-most plan, BluCanopy makes buying full renters insurance online easy, quick, and affordable WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – LMC Insurance and Risk Management (LMC Insurance) announced today the launch of a new renters' insurance solution in collaboration with Nationwide. READ MORE >>

Insurance, in general, is a topic that not many people enjoy thinking about – unless you are an insurance geek like me. It is often viewed as something renters are required to carry, either by contract or law, so that's why people buy it. READ MORE >>

Moving into a rental property means you will have to take responsibility for the property of someone else. Landlords expect you to be a good tenant. That means preventing damage whenever possible. Still, when you bring a pet into the space, you bring a big liability with you. READ MORE >>

When you rent a home, you might do so because you don't plan to stay in one place forever. You might eventually have to move because you got a new job elsewhere. Or, you might eventually want to upgrade from one property to another, or simply from one unit to another. READ MORE >>

Your rental property is your home. However, you don't own the structure in which you live. That belongs to another party who will expect you to take care of yourself in the space. To create a safeguard in the home, the landlord will likely require you to have renters insurance. READ MORE >>

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