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Loss of Use Insurance For Renters

Protecting You When You Can’t Stay at Home

Your renters insurance offers the option to buy loss of use coverage. If a renter has to leave the rental home, and begins to rack up costly living expenses, this coverage can help you out.

What Is Loss Of Use Renters Insurance?

You like living in your rental property, and you want to stay there. However, circumstances might come along that force you out.

Fires, severe weather or other hazards might force you to move out of the rental (temporarily or permanently) while the home undergoes repairs. Loss of use insurance can help you afford the costs you might incur while having to live elsewhere. With your coverage for support, you’ll protect your own income, even if you encounter unplanned expenses.

Do I Need Loss Of Use Coverage?

If you don’t want to worry about how you’ll make ends meet if you must leave your rental home, you need loss of use coverage. Still, even if money isn’t an issue, you can benefit from coverage because you won’t have to pay for something you didn’t expect.

What Does Loss Of Use Insurance Cover?

By using your loss-of-use insurance, you won’t have to spend exorbitant sums on temporary expenses that might arise if you must leave your rental. You can claim such costs as:

  • Hotel bills
  • Temporary apartment costs
  • Moving fees
  • Excess food costs (like restaurant bills)
  • Pet boarding
  • Parking or transportation fees

For anyone trying to save money, coverage is imperative. While you might still have to pay some of these costs out-of-pocket, coverage can help lessen your full personal burden.

How Much Loss Of Use Insurance Do I Need?

Our agents can help you review your income and expenses to decide how much loss of use coverage can adequately help you. Even if you will need assistance for an extended period, we’ll ensure you have benefits on-hand.

How Does Loss Of Use Insurance Work?

If you ever need to leave your rental property, contact your BluCanopy agent. If you submit proof of additional expenses to us, we’ll help you determine how much assistance you can receive from your renters policy. Your coverage will pay for your losses up to its defined loss of use limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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