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Pet Liability Insurance for Renters

Protect Yourself from the Liability Tied To Your Furry Friend

Pets are great friends and companions, but in rental properties they are also liabilities. Luckily, renters insurance usually can help you protect yourself if they ever cause headaches.

Ask your BluCanopy agent if your renters insurance policy includes pet bite liability insurance. It's there for times when your furry friends get a little too curious or excited. Contact one of our experienced agents at (800) 573-0226 or start an online quote now!

What's A Pet Liability Policy?

When you sign a lease on a rental home, your landlord might require you to disclose that you will move into the house with a pet. They want you to take responsibility for the fact that this pet might sometimes cause problems. The way you can do so is by carrying pet liability insurance.

Renters liability coverage helps tenants cover the costs of damage done to others when mistakes or accidents are deemed your fault. So, if someone falls in your yard and sues you for their medical costs, this policy can insure you. A pet liability policy works much in the same way. It just applies to cases where your furry friend causes harm to someone else. This coverage is easy to add to your policy if you plan to get a pet.

What Does This Policy Cover?

Usually, there are three ways that a pet liability policy can help you:

  • Bodily Injuries: If your pet bites or attacks someone, your policy can pay for their medical bills.
  • Property Damage: Should the pet damage someone else's property — such as a neighbor's home — then this coverage can pay the owner for the necessary repairs.
  • Legal Expenses: If someone sues you over the damage your pet caused, then coverage can help you pay for the costs of the suit and related settlements.

Each policy will contain limits on how much it will pay you for such expenses. Your BluCanopy policy limits are adjustable, and we can tailor them to always meet your pet's needs.

Should I Buy This Coverage?

If you have a dog or a cat, it's always best to make sure that your renters insurance will contain pet liability coverage. Even if your pet is ordinarily a docile, loving animal, it still has plenty of wild instincts. You never know when something might trigger it to react badly to a new situation and harm someone. A liability policy can ensure you have the right resources to help that person.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does this policy pay for injuries to my pet?
2Does coverage apply if my pet harms me?
3Does the policy cover all pets?
4Does the policy cover damage to the rental home?

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